A traditional air conditioning system can make it difficult for everyone in your property to maintain their preferred cool temperature.

Ducted air conditioning systems, on the other hand, allow you and anyone else who resides in your property to locally control the temperature in individual rooms.

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Discover the Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems, as mentioned above, allow you and others in your residential or commercial property to control the temperature in individual rooms in addition to the property as a whole. The installation process is quick and simple! The system involves one central unit with individual ducts branching off into your desired rooms or areas.

The system stems from one central system and individual ducts branch off into different rooms. You can set a general temperature, as well as separate zones to control more than one area at once if required. Another benefit is the improvement of air quality to your home, allowing you, your family members, your employees or your guests to breathe more easily without the risk of inhaling allergens or pollutants.

For your benefit, we provide the following systems:
FBQ-D Premium Inverter Single Phase
FBQ-D Premium Inverter Three Phase
FDYQ-L Premium Inverter Single Phase
FDYQ-L Premium Inverter Three Phase
FDXS-L Inverter Bulkhead Single Phase
FDYQN-L Standard Inverter Single Phase
FDYQN-L Standard Inverter Three Phase

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